Medicos' CEO, Cédric Marmonier

Medicos’ CEO, Cédric Marmonier

Premium Beauty News - 2017 is an important milestone with two acquisitions!

Cédric Marmonier - In May and July 2017, we acquired successively the Bullier SAS Company based in Saint Brieuc and the Janvier Company based in Chassal.

Janvier, a specialist in plastic injection and an expert in the packaging area, is today a major player in the fields of perfumery and cosmetics (skincare, make-up, healthcare and hygiene). To this end, the Company can rely on various technical tools with a design office, a mechanical mould, 28 injection moulding machines ranging from 35 to 1000 tonnes, mono and bi-material, a dust-free room. It is highly robotized. And, of course, it has its own decoration workshop (pad printing, screen printing and hot stamping machines).

As for Bullier SAS, the company is a true master craftsman in its specialty, the making brushes mainly for the cosmetics sector. There are up to eight different stages to make a brush. This requires a very specific expertise and excellent workmanship. This expertise in manufacturing enables us to innovate in terms of materials used, the shape of brushes and or the shape of hair or fibres, on the type of handle or the ferrule...

Quality = savoir-faire, savoir-faire = Bullier/Pinceaux Léonard. Today the Company works with the most renowned brands. It also specialises in small and medium series, from 100 to 1000 pieces.

Premium Beauty News - Since your creation in 2002, you have prioritized an economic model focusing on strong value creation based on a number of key factors... Which ones?

Cédric Marmonier - Let’s say there are seven!

- Technological expertise: plastic injection moulding, stretched glass and the manufacture of brushes.
- A "Lean and Quality" approach used as a managerial lever, but also as a foundation to drive our processes and continuous improvement actions.
- The Control over the value-added chain: design, industrialization, manufacturing, decoration and distribution.
- A comprehensive product offering: standard and specific developments.
- An industrial synergy: six production units organized into profit centres with a complementary expertise.
- Operations in three markets that enrich one another with Good Manufacturing Practices.
- The culture of a managing shareholder, which is synonymous with ambitious undertakings, rapid decision-making and long-term strategy.

To summarize, it’s all about being a leading European player in the design, co-design and manufacture of complete sub-units or parts, injected, shaped and assembled for the most demanding segments of health, fragrance-cosmetics and agro-food markets.

Premium Beauty News - The first company to join the Group in 2002, RR Plastiques is the one you consider industrially as the most flexible and versatile among your Business Units...

Cédric Marmonier - Over the last decade, RR Plastiques has naturally diversified itself by developing solutions for the Fragrance-Cosmetics market and combining its expertise in both technical and decorative parts.

With forty years of technical excellence in medical devices, it has consolidated its position as a "metering specialist" (droppers) and by using specific materials (SEBS, EVA, Santoprene®, soft PVC, etc.).

Janvier, a plastic injection company located in the East of France is now...

Janvier, a plastic injection company located in the East of France is now part of the Medicos group. The company supplies prestigious customers on the French perfumery and cosmetics market (Dior, Guerlain, Geparlys, Avène, ...) as well as pharmaceutical laboratories.

Four years later, we integrated Rovipharm by acquiring half of its capital to target specifically the Healthcare market. Its 8700 sqm of new buildings house an industrial tool, which is second to none in France and which perfectly meets the requirements of its market (3000 sqm of ISO 8 compliant, secured, sprinkled workshops).

Also specialist in "dosing", it develops "closure" solutions and a number of medical devices. Its strong human, technical and financial resources have sustained the Company’s double-digit growth since it was founded.

In 2012, Mino Gaillard joined us and, after a period of major investment in production facilities, returned to sustained growth at the end of 2013.

It is one of the few remaining independent French companies operating in the selective segment of the beauty market as a specialist in thick-walled mouldings in transparent materials (Surlyn®, PETG, PCTG, SMMA, SAN, etc.), which it injects, shapes and assembles on the production line for several prestigious clients who recognize its rare and long-standing expertise. Note that it is also the French specialist in mould blocks used in the cheese industry.

Three years later in 2015, the Co.Ve Company based in Italy for over 50 years, joined us. As a specialist in stretched glass, the Company has made its mark on the history of the Group for two reasons since it has complemented our technological offer and materialized our strategic will to support abroad our main customers. Co.Ve, through its mastery of glass processing techniques (drawing, assembling and finishing), enriches our portfolio with a complete range of pipettes and vials, thus validating our overall supply strategy in the Healthcare and Beauty sectors.

Premium Beauty News - And now what are the next steps?

Cédric Marmonier - I remain in a development dynamic, passionate about trades and products that have made what the Group is today.