A 30ml airless dispenser

Faca Packaging’s 30ml new airless dispenser has been designed to meet the requirements of brands with delicate skincare formulations that need specific protection against environmental contamination.

The interior, consisting of a shrink-wrapped bag, guarantees that the cream and air never come into contact. As the formula does not come in contact with air it is protected from oxidization and degradation risks. This helps to extend the shelf life of fragile formulations and ensures that they remain fresh and effective. The airless packaging also prevents direct contact between the product and external contaminants, such as bacteria and dirt.

The great advantage of this design compared to most others on the market which are based on a lifting cylinder, is that it ensures the absence of air, has a simpler and more reliable mechanism and ensures practically complete emptying,” said Faca Packaging in a statement.

Indeed, the new packaging dispenses a consistent and controlled amount of product until the last drop, thanks to a precise pump mechanism. The packaging solution thus helps to prevent waste and improve customer satisfaction. “This is especially important for expensive or high-value skincare products,” the manufacturer added.

Product customisation

Faca’s new airless packaging can be customized to meet the specific needs of a brand. This includes the ability to choose the colour, material of the packaging to match the brand’s identity.

The outer dispenser is available in a variety of colours and materials including recycled PET or PMMA.

Faca Packaging will showcased the new airless packaging at Luxe Pack from 02-04 October 2023, at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco.