With the The Better You, Faber-Castell Cosmetics is presenting a range of unisex products to make people look good and well-groomed.

The ready-to-market concept offers formulations that support wellbeing and selfcare: the vegan formulas are enriched with different agents like squalene, Q10, vitamin E as well as a selection of natural oils including shea butter, tea wax, sunflower, sweet almond and avocado oil.

At a time when hygiene has become a major concern for consumers, the German company highlights that “cosmetics pencils are not only functional, they are also hygienic, particularly when sharpenables.”

The range features 11 cosmetic pencils:

- Anti Fatigue (Hydrating + reviving eye emulsion). This cooling eye contour emulsion is enriched with hydrating and reviving agents that help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and the feeling of puffiness. The moisture-rich formulation is enriched with coconut oil, vitamin E, millet extract and squalane. Light diffusing pigments create a soft-focus effect and minimize signs of fatigue. The liquid applicator with brush tip ensures a hygienic, proportioned application freshly activated with each “click”.
- Skin Perfect (Concealing + correcting formula). The complexion-perfecting concealer with soft-focus effect is enriched with Q10 and vitamin E helping to protect and nourish the skin. Special functional fillers optically diffuse the appearance of fine lines and uneven skin tones. The lightweight formulation perfectly melts with the skin, is up to 12h lasting and waterproof. In retractable jumbo pencil with domed tip.
- Brow Perfect (Pure2, lasting natural browliner). This natural, lasting browliner is formulated according to Faber-Castell Cosmetics’ pure2 beauty guidelines and enriched with tea wax and sunflower oil. It is silicone and micro plastics free due to an innovative mix of natural film former and specially blended emollients. The retractable slim pencil draws fine lines that mingle with natural hairs in a matte finish creating an illusion of dense, defined brows. The soft micro bristle brush easily grooms brows to shape.
- Brow Bluff (Naturally accentuated + sculpted brows). This vegan, natural formula gives brows a voluminous boost. The natural pigmentation subtly deepens and fills in colour while integrated natural fibres create a balanced accentuation. The 6.35 mm lead diameter easily creates fuller, thicker and flawlessly defined brows in a few strokes. Waterproof. In PEFC-certified, sustainable wooden Jumbo pencil. Brow Bluff has been awarded IT PRODUCT by the expert team from MakeUp in New York.
- Brow Control (Well-groomed + naturally tamed brows). With a few quick strokes this clear hydrogel keeps brows neatly in check and adds a natural sheen. It is extremely effective without appearing heavy. It smoothes, controls and shapes without flaking or hardening. The formula dries fast and can be used alone or over a brow pencil. The liquid applicator with bristle brush effortlessly manages stray hair and combs brows into perfect shape.
- Eye Catcher (Pure2, lasting eyeliner + kohl). This natural, lasting eyeliner is formulated according to Faber-Castell Cosmetics’ pure2 beauty guidelines. It is based on natural waxes and enriched with tea wax and sunflower oil. It is silicone and micro plastics free due to a special natural film former which delivers a long-lasting effect. The intense, gentle liner smoothly defines with firm precision, stays crisp but also smudges for a smokey vibe. Can also be used as kajal to define the sensitive waterline. In slim retractable pencil with 3 mm lead diameter.
- Sunkissed Touch (Holiday look for skin and cheeks). This double ended super jumbo pencil easily creates a gloriously sun kissed facial tan. The vegan, natural formula is based on active natural oils and enriched with hydrating and regenerating hyaluronic acid, shea butter and vitamin E which makes the skin stay super soft and hydrated. Concealer: Highly pigmented with light diffusing pigments for a flawless, natural look with perfect coverage. Bronzer: Slightly pigmented to create a summery vibe in the face. The creamy formula is easily blendable with the fingertips.
- Perfume Touch-Up (Creamy balm with shea butter + vitamin E). This perfume balm in retractable pencil shape is a travel-friendly alternative to bottles and the perfect solution when you hate the overpowering clout of fragrance. The solid balm creates a long-lasting scent that really sticks to the skin. The formula is based on active natural oils and enriched with hydrating and regenerating shea butter and vitamin E which make the skin feel soft and smooth. To be used over the skin, on the neck or on the inside of the wrist to perfectly unfold its scent.
- Energizing Care (Perfume stick + transparent lipcare). The double ended pencil is the perfect duo for a fast and easy touch up. The perfume end with green tea leaves a vitalizing, unisex scent on the skin. Use the soft felt tip on the neck, wrist or behind the ears. No leakage or breakage of a fragrance bottle in your bag. The other end of the pencil features a creamy, colourless balm to provide care for the lips. The natural, vegan formula is enriched with matcha tea and hydrates, softens and nourishes even dry lips in one go.
- Fast Nail Care (Repairing + softening cuticle care). This is the right product combining cuticle care and nail repair: The vegan formula acts as a powerful antioxidant and helps to restore and maintain the moisture balance. Sweet almond and avocado oil serve as natural moisturizing agents that help to soothe and regenerate chapped, dry cuticles. Step 1: Soften cuticles with the saturated tip. Work gently into the skin until completely absorbed, leaving a rich, non-oily feeling. Step 2: Gently push back cuticles with the pusher end cap.
- Groomed Nails (Natural, strong nail tips with minerals). Well-groomed nails might seem like a tiny detail but with an increased focus on hygiene and constant hand washing our nails get stressed and polish may not last as long. This intense nail white pencil with calcium and silica provides perfectly, strong nail tips. Just moisten the pencil tip and apply underneath the nails. The water activated formula glides on smoothly and instantly enhances the white appearance of the nail tips. It is enriched with minerals which help to strengthen the nail tips. The cap helps to clean the nails and carefully pushes back the cuticles.