For Exsymol Monaco, the goal of this strategic collaboration is clear: to leverage the latest technologies by working with innovative start-ups to maximize the value of its active ingredients and strengthen its commitment to providing high-quality products to its customers.

ExAdEx-Innov draws on over three decades of experience in research on human adipose tissue to offer innovative tools for the cosmetic, nutraceutical, and biomedical industries. The ExAdEx technology exploits the intrinsic ability of adipose stem cells to proliferate in response to stimuli and uses the native tissue matrix as a bioactive support for their proliferation. These ex vivo models have unique characteristics, including long-term viability, a complete extracellular matrix structure, lipid droplet size comparable to endogenous tissue, and much more.

The ExAdEx technology offers a unique opportunity for innovation in research and product development in the field of adipose tissue. Working in partnership with Exsymol opens up new possibilities in the beauty industry.

Exsymol recognizes the innovation opportunities of the patented technology developed by ExAdEx-Innov, which allows for the generation of ex vivo research models of human adipose tissue. These unique models are clinically relevant and incorporate the complexity of 3D biology of native adipose tissue.

This collaboration has led to innovative results with 𝗖afeisilane, an active ingredient combining caffeine and biofunctional silicon core, from the well-known range derived from silanols, on a model of fibro-inflammation of adipose tissue.

It marks a significant step in the repositioning and development of cosmetic assets, using high-quality ex vivo human adipose tissue models that closely resemble in vivo tissue to assess new claims and generate relevant data.