On the occasion of the in-cosmetics Global show, to be held in Paris from April 16 to 18, 2024, the Monaco-headquartered manufacturer focuses on the eye area with a set of three active ingredients.

Top of the list Exsymol will debut Prolistin, a 100% natural-origin peptide (synthetized from bio-fermented aminoacids) that combines anti-inflammation and melanogenesis inhibition benefits. Prolistin traps pro-inflammatory free copper and targets the three main symptoms associated with the eye contour (dark circles, puffy eyes and aging signs), for a 360° approach of eye contour care.

Cafeisilane, the second active ingredient, is a silanol. Widely known for its efficacy in body-contouring it is also effective in treating dark circles and puffiness, as is Meiyanol, and upcycled elderberry extract, which forms the third item of the new eye-contour set.

More information about new active ingredients is available in our special issue “Cosmetic Ingredients – April 2024”


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