The cosmetic ingredients specialist has placed the year 2021 under the sign of Silicium. One year to share the company’s expertise on this particular trace element and its key role in cosmetics.

Exsymol has been working on silicium and its role in human body and particular skin for 50 years. The company has therefore cumulated a high level of expertise on this substance, which was shared in a video broadcast on the Exsymol TV video channel. In this video, Mélanie Mollet, communication manager, and Lionel Valenti, scientific expert, stressed the too little understood role and value of silicium for the skin.

Skin penetration

However, the main constraint of a silicium input by a topical application is that the active molecule must be able to penetrate the skin to reach its target. The direct extraction of silicium from nature delivers poor results in terms of cosmetic benefits. The absorption of silicium by the skin is not enough to compensate the natural loss.

In order to allow an efficient topical application of this substance, a relevant cosmetic technology was required. This was the start of Exsymol’s high tech challenge to create biofunXional Silicium!

This biofunXional silicium represent Exsymol’s core technology and is the cornerstone of its cosmetic innovation.

Diversified benefits

But how can these biofunXional silicium be used and diversified to meet all cosmetic needs? A simple but innovative solution: combining this silicium with cosmetic molecules of interest.

This has allowed Exsymol to meet cosmetic needs and remain innovative for the last 50 years,” said the company.

Indeed, Exsymol’s experts have selected well known molecules (hyaluronic acid, rhamnose, hydroxyproline…) in cosmetics and improved their bioavailability and effectiveness with their Silanol technology!

This innovative technology is unveiled in detail in a new video describing also all the benefits of silanols for the skin!

EXSYMOL TV - S02 E02 - Silanol technology from EXSYMOL on Vimeo.