Nathalie Grosdidier, director of the Luxe Pack shows

Just eight days after Luxe Pack Monaco had closed its doors, the InfoPro Group announced the launch of a new event dedicated to luxury packaging: "Edition Spéciale by Luxe Pack", which will take place on 4 and 5 June 2019 in Paris at the Carreau du Temple hall.

"It is a new concept, a multi-media and high-end event," explained Nathalie Grosdidier, in charge of several trade shows for the InfoPro Group - including Luxe Pack and MakeUp In. "It offers the power of communication and the contacts of a traditional appointment but it also mobilizes players around a topical key issue chosen each year by Brand owners."

The theme of the 2019 edition will be unveiled once the ongoing survey with luxury brands dedicated to beauty, wine & spirits, delicatessen, fashion is completed. "In the months leading up to the event, a digital platform will disseminate a strong editorial content on this theme: testimonials or questions from brand owners, solutions from manufacturers, and insights from experts."

A featured event, as part of this launch in June, will gather in a stylish venue in the heart of Paris, experts in packaging manufacturing, who will be in a position to concretely address the subject. "It will be all about confronting strategies, putting forward innovative and relevant solutions to write the future of this market together," said Nathalie Grosdidier.

Luxe Pack: a successful 2018 edition

The 2018 edition of Luxe Pack Monaco welcomed 470 exhibitors including 55 first time exhibitors and a stable number of visitors - 9280 this year, including 53% from abroad, against 9200 in 2017.

Key players in luxury packaging had once again made the trip, especially glassmakers. In addition to world leaders, several newcomers were present like the Swedish Blue Glass, la cristallerie Saint Louis, Wheaton from Brazil, the OI Europe Company and even a firm from Slovakia, Rocasca. "The presence of the global high-end glass industry can only strengthen the DNA of Luxe Pack," said Nathalie Grosdidier. "Luxe Pack Monaco is more than ever the world’s leading appointment for the luxury packaging sector. The foundations of this trade show have been reinforced further this year".

A 2018 edition with clearly a growing number of so called "high-tech" exhibitors in the "Digital" Village, which gathered for the first time twenty-four companies with a strong presence of 3D printing.

Gradually the area created four years ago and dedicated to formulation has expanded and gathered this year 24 exhibitors. While there was no lack of visitors, it is clearly the lack of space that now hinders its expansion. The Grimaldi Forum is becoming increasingly cramped for Luxury Pack Monaco, with a waiting list now exceeding 100 companies.

New developments at Luxe Pack + MakeUp In

The takeover of the "MakeUp In" trade shows in 2016 has undeniably strengthened the foothold of the InfoPro Group in the Beauty sector. "The synergies between Luxe Pack and MakeUp In are working very well in Los Angeles - with a number of exhibitors up by 50% in 2019 compared to 2018 - and in Shanghai," explained Nathalie Grosdidier. "And the same synergy will certainly be just as efficient elsewhere depending on the opportunities arising."

After the United States, Asia remains a priority for the Group who recently reorganized its commercial structure by appointing, among others, Agnes Leung in Hong Kong, who will be in charge of developing the Luxe Pack and MakeUp in trade shows locally in partnership with the Aventi Company in Shanghai. Finally, a new sales representative dedicated to Luxe Pack shows has joined the Group’s headquarters in Antony, France, in the person of Maria Verigina.

Note that this "trade show" strategy is reinforced by the presence in the same Division, of the team in charge of the Formes de Luxe magazine, with the aim of increasing synergies.