GPA Luxury introduces “Eco-Logic” - a new range of sustainable, compostable and biodegradable secondary packaging made of moulded pulp, intended to beauty and cosmetics.

Moulded pulp is made from recycled paper or natural fibres blended with water and pressed into moulds: bagasse, shredded bamboo, wheat straw, newsprint (ONP), corrugated cardboard (OCC), paper. It is made from renewable “tree-free” sources and is fully compostable and biodegradable. The GPA Global thermoforming wet press technology provides a variety of qualitative and customizable finishes : soft-touch coating for a matte finish ; spray-on coating for a semi-gloss finish ; film laminate for water resistance ; textured paper laminate ; wood grain laminate ; plastic-like finish ; flocking for a velvety finish ; hot-stamping ; silk screen printing ; emboss/deboss.

The Eco-Logic collection demonstrates GPA’s expertise in the manufacture of high-end secondary packaging made of compostable and biodegradable moulded pulp. The recyclability of its components, the optimization of the design, the use of water-based glue and soy-based inks, and also biodegradable finishes make Eco-Logic a collection that is designed to meet sustainability,” said GPA Gobal.

The Eco-Logic collection includes:

- Butterfly. A coffret wrapped in black, FSC-certified paper, embellished with a pink and gold floral design. Further embellishments include gold foil piping around the edges of the lid and a pattern of UV butterflies. The inner of the lid is decorated with an aluminum transfer paper with a butterfly pattern without added PP film, thus 100% biodegradable. This ecological packaging is intended for gift boxes, influencer kits and limited edition product launches.

- Leaf. A coffret wrapped in FSC-certified paper printed with a stylish, modern botanical design, and once again added subtle embellishments with gold foil. The base of the box is grey with a subtle spot UV leaf pattern. Inside : a moulded pulp fitment has been inserted, previously fashioned to hold a selection of cosmetics products and topped with matte grey card. Biodegradable aluminium transfer paper to the inner face of the lid has been added.

- Peacock. A standing box with a hinged door that opens to reveal three fitments. The most distinctive aspect of this pack is its coating in a deep blue, suede-like material [1] delicately embossed with various patterns. This material is also onto the interior of the pack, using it to coat the moulded pulp fitments that hold the cosmetics.