The new RMK firming essence from Kanebo Cosmetics, steps out to the market in a flacon having an inner shape made of HDPE overmoulded by using the DuPont Surlyn 3D technology.

Kanebo opted for this technology to give the flacon a thick wall, high-glossy appearance with a sensitive haptic. Actually, Surlyn 3D offers the possibility to combine two shapes into a container by preforming, decorating and overmoulding it. The branding decoration is applied on the inner shape and therefore sublimated and protected by the outer layer against scratches.

Surlyn in the outer layer offers a high scratch-resistance and is unbreakable which helps to protect the product in a to-go environment like a lady’s handbag,” explains Peter Lamboy, Director Packaging Development of Kao Europe Research Laboratories, Kanebo mother’s company, in Darmstadt (Germany), who was supporting the development. “Beside this, the technology offers versatile decoration possibilities and an option for a cost efficient development of flankers for future line extensions.