For Citronnelle & Géranium, their latest summer body spray, French brand Diptyque has chosen the ecoBottle from the ecoLine lightweight glass collection by Bormioli Luigi. The two companies shared details on this collaboration at the latest edition of the Édition Spéciale by Luxe Pack show, in Paris.

An eco-designed glass bottle

Developed as a limited edition, Citronelle & Géranium is made from insect-repelling essential oils that make it both a fragrance and an anti-mosquito product, a unique innovative proposition.

To pack this summery scent that features crisp and aromatic notes, Diptyque chose the lightweight glass ecoBottle with a content of post-consumer recycled (PCR) material of 10%. Such a ratio does not alter the aesthetics of the bottle thus fully highlighting the fragrance’s juice. The 100ml bottle only weighs only 80 grams, a little more than half the weight of a traditional bottle with the same capacity. This represents a significant advantage in terms of portability and strength. Furthermore, the screw pump facilitates recycling, as it can be removed. The pump conception also allowed the brand to adapt an existing cap from the range.

Diptyque has therefore been able to develop “a short series by benefiting from an existing model,” explained Bormioli Luigi in a statement.

Sustainability expectations

In order to better meet the expectations of brands and consumers regarding sustainability, Bormioli Luigi is investing and multiplying innovations.

With its new-generation electric furnaces, Bormioli Luigi thrives to reduce the weight of their glass products while increasing their content in post-consumer recycled material.

The Italian glassmaker is also innovating with flexible industrial processes in line with demand for bottles that cater to multiple references.

Building on the success of the ecoLine range in lightweight glass, Bormioli Luigi is deploying an offer made up of sustainable or refillable products with a concept that unveils new opportunities for glass, notably for the skincare and makeup markets,” the company highlights.