The founder and design director of Yang Design and Yang House will be the Guest of Honor of Luxe Pack Shanghai this year. The trade show dedicated to luxury packaging is scheduled to take place from 7th to 8th July 2021 at the Shanghai Exhibition Center, together with MakeUp in Shanghai.

Considered as the “Most Influential Chinese Industrial Designer” by Forbes, Jamy Yang represents the very best of contemporary Chinese design. As an industrial designer, Yang blends a soulful Chinese aesthetic with a clean design that is commercially viable on a global scale.

With a combination of German logic thinking and Chinese humanistic spirit, Jamy has formed his own design philosophy and become partner with renowned global brands including Hennessy, Hermes, Huawei, Boeing, Audi, Bosch, Natuzzi, and Casarte for projects covering fields such as packaging, lifestyle, home appliances, vehicles, space installations and so on.

His capacity to make Chinese culturally thoughtful objects is a unique asset that luxury brands should not ignore,” explained the organizers of the event in a statement.

Jamy Yang won hundreds of design awards all over the world, including Reddot Design Award, IDEA, Pentawards Gold Award, and Asia’s Most Influential Design Silver Award. “He is committed to prove that design can change the society.”

A Keynote speech on “Kindly design”

Jamy Yang will present a conference on July 7th at 2.40pm on “Kindly Design”, in the conference room. With his expertise and talent in design, he will share with auditors his view on design in good faith, providing them inspiration and bringing their thinking on design to the next level.

Engaged in eco-conception for years, Jamy Yang will also curate the Luxe Pack in green dedicated area. This space in the Dôme Hall will showcase the exhibitors’ sustainable packaging solutions, competing for the Luxe Pack in green Awards. These prizes are awarding the best sustainable packaging solutions elected by a jury of professionals.

Jamy Yang will complete the global view offered to visitors on the latest innovations available for brands, by some of his most recent sustainable packaging series.