Brazilian beauty brand L’Acqua di Fiori has chosen DuPont’s Surlyn resin for the caps of its Cupcake Me new line of fragrances, inspired by traditional American cupcakes and targeting "tween" consumers (girls aged 8-12 years).

The packaging was created by L’Acqua de Fiori marketing team and Abner Brito, the company’s designer. To stick to the traditional American cupcake image, Abner Brito has chosen a standard glass bottle decorated with two EVA [1] layers and closed by a red cherry-shaped perfume cap. "Our main concern was maintaining the toughness and safety, without losing the product’s charm and attractiveness for this age group that is so demanding and linked to the new trends,” said Célia Anrelink, L’Acqua di Fiori product manager.

The Surlyn resin has several applications in the cosmetic industry, primarily in caps for perfumes or pots. “The material was chosen by L’Acqua di Fiori packing development team because of the brightness, charm, toughness and safety requirements in the initial packaging planning," explained Janine Carvalho, sales representative of Polymers for Packaging and Consumer Products division at DuPont Brazil.

The Cupcake Me line features two fragrances: Napolitano Chic and Caramelo Divertido. The two products are on sale in all L’Acqua di Fiori stores in Brazil.