Invented some years ago now, the tottle (a contraction of tube and bottle) has many assets, starting with an unstoppable practicality of use. No wonder brands now adopt it for a large variety of functionalities.

With a large catalogue of standards and extensive customization capabilities, Texen Beauty Partners recently supported several launches based on this iconic packaging.

A new design for Matis

Until now presented in metallic purple, the Réponse Jeunesse moisturizing lotion has been renamed Réponse Préventive. For the occasion, its tottle has a new, more minimal and elegant design. With its mini format (30 ml), it is the perfect example of an ultra-personalized standard pack. The tottle is Injected in two layers (PE/PE), while its cap is made up of two parts, one transparent, the other dyed white on the inside for a premium relief effect.

The mass-dyed white bottle and cap are in line with the brand’s new visual codes. The décor is then screen-printed in two colours.

Sophistication and practicality combined for Nuxe

Nuxe Sun’s Light Fluid High Protection SPF50 was added to the brand’s range last summer. For this development, Texen Beauty Partners needed to offer something original while respecting the color codes of the range. This product necessitated a pocket-sized version (50 ml) to facilitate usage on the go.

The bottle (made from HDPE/LDPE) has a bronze PP cap and a PE plastic part that regulates the dispensing of the formula. The screen-printed décor is realized in two colors on the front and a single shade on the back. The incorporation of pearlized particles in the dye gives the packaging a beautiful satin effect.

SVR, efficacity and expertise

In the Clairial line from Laboratoire SVR, the latest anti-brown spot unifying corrector, Clairial Day, is offered in a 30ml format. It combines a standard injected and blow-molded three-layer bottle, a reducer, and a cap dyed grey on the inside and transparent on the outside to simulate glass.

The décor on the front and back of the bottle display interesting subtleties: the name “Clairial” is printed in metallic ink, while “Day” is screen-printed in a cool gray tone. The SVR logo is created using hot stamping.

For these three developments, stainless steel balls are incorporated to activate the mixing of the formula prior to application.