La Chênaie, a French brand whose concept is based on the discovery of the anti-oxidant properties of the oak tree, has launched two Eaux de Toilette - Chêne Noir and Chêne Blanc - to complete its skincare ranges. French supplier Coverpla was entrusted with the packaging for both items, including bottles, caps, pumps and pump covers.

Round or square

Both the men’s (Chêne Noir) and women’s (Chêne Blanc) scents were created by master perfumer Calice Becker. The two of them are infused with a stave of wood used for making barrels, which give the fragrances their smoky, roasted and vanilla accents.

While Chêne Noir has the strongly accented shoulders of Coverpla’s Madison bottle, Chêne Blanc owes its gentle form to the cylindrical shape of the Maeva bottle, its glass lacquered with a nude tone. The two oak caps were designed and developed by Coverpla with a European partner. The brand selected this material to coincide with its positioning and for the veined surface of the wood, which makes each piece unique. In its feminine manifestation, the cap has a white stain with a powdery touch, while the men’s cap is inspired by Coverpla’s Carrément design and is made from pedunculate oak with a wengé finish. Both scents are offered in a 50ml format.

One stop shop

Acting as a one stop shop for the primary packaging, Coverpla also supplied the pumps and pump covers.

Furthermore, to make the product as sustainable as possible, the brand designed an outer pack made from FSC certified paper printed with bio-sourced inks, made from naturally renewable materials that can be recycled.