Coverpla strengthens its offer of ultra-personalized, ready-to-go solutions through a marketing and commercial partnership with Spanish company Estal.

Estal offers extensive lines dedicated to fragrance, cosmetics and home fragrance. Its concepts are subsequently developed by a range of major European glassmakers. This offer is partially complementary to the one of Coverla, which has chosen to work with Estal to enhance its home fragrance collection with a range of diffusers in various sizes (from 100 to 750ml) and associated accessories. Thick-based candle jars with a premium feel complete the collection.

As far as cosmetics are concerned, three new products are joining the Coverpla catalogue: two 50ml jars and a 30ml vial.

And the fragrance offer is enhanced on the one hand with Estal’s “Doble Alto” concept, which combines the appearance of a heavy base in line with luxury codes with a range of models in lightweight glass (a 35% reduction in glass weight) with classic shapes.

A lightweight offer

Finally, Coverpla is enhancing its green offer with three lightweight bottles. Bandeau, Tote and Cloche are based on Concept Bubble, with an indented base borrowed from that of champagne bottles, compensating for the reduced scale of lightweight bottles, that confer an identical format to a traditional flacon.

These three designs are available in 30, 50 and 100ml formats with a choice of three different necks: FEA15, SNI 15 and flat necks for fragrance diffusers. They are compatible with all the caps in the Coverpla catalog.

From Flint glass to 100% Wild Glass

The products in the range are offered in pure, naturally colored glass or in amber glass. They are also available crafted from 100% recycled, non-sorted household waste. This type of glass varies in color, and sometimes presents other irregularities. Such a choice represents a strong environmental standpoint, a commitment to a “raw” product that consumers must accept or alter their perception of “imperfections.” Estal has asserted itself by offering this bold solution; Coverpla has chosen to open its catalog to the concept.