Available since the beginning of summer, Koesio fragrances have turned to Coverpla for the primary packaging of their fragrance collection: refillable glass bottles, caps, pumps and pump covers.

The brand’s 20 fragrances are grouped into four families (marine, sweet, musk, powdery) for women, men, and young men and young women. A questionnaire evoking life situations helps identify the consumer’s olfactory profile to recommend the perfect fragrance.

The brand selected three 50ml bottles from Coverpla’s catalogue: Vertigo, Ulysse and Venus. They are respectively paired with the Top Passion cap clad in aluminium (the brand selected the black and shiny silver shades), and with the Galet and Gény caps, both injected in Surlyn. Coverpla also supplied the matching pumps and pump covers. This mix-and-match selection was then personalized with a range of lacquers selected by the brand.

Eager to offer a 100% refillable collection, Eric Moraldo, the brand’s founder, was no less demanding when it came to the design of the packaging. Among his choices in the Coverpla catalogue only the Vertigo design was available in a refillable version. However, driven by the project, Italian glassmaker Bormioli Luigi accepted to produce their Venus and Ulysse bottles with screw necks. As such, these two references are now available in refillable versions. Coverpla and Bormioli Luigi had already cooperated on a similar operation to facilitate Essential Parfums’ transition to refillable.