For their new generation of fragrances, which will hit shelves at the end of the summer, Courrèges has selected Coverpla’s Verdi light weight bottle.

Courrèges has put all of its efforts behind a line of eco-designed fragrances. Named Colognes Imaginaires, the collection is the result of a marketing approach initiated by the brand in response to new consumer demands and expectations. The four different natural fragrances, available in a 100ml format, demonstrate a sustainable approach, from the juice to the outer box via all the different packaging components.

A bottle named Verdi

In line with its sustainability strategy and consistent with the shape of its historic bottles, Courrèges chose the Verdi model in lightweight glass. Coverpla added an adjusted pump on a screw collar (CV15). As such, the product can be refilled at the point of sale or recycled once the pump and metallic parts have been removed.

A 40% reduction in raw materials

Designed by Coverpla, the Verdi model is part of the Ecoline range from Luigi Bormioli. It reduces material usage (by up to 40%), using 100g of glass for a 100ml container. This approach allows an average 60% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions throughout the value chain, from production to sourcing (compared with either plastic or blown or molded glass).