900.care offers ecological and refillable and French made hygiene products. The young indie brand has selected a pump from Cosmogen’s dispensing range for the bottle intended to its foaming hand gel, made of a stick to dissolve.

Since its launch last year, 900.care relies on a practical and ecological refill concept. At the first purchase, the product is delivered with its reusable bottle or container. Then only the refills are to be purchased. The formulas are healthy, more than 95% natural, sensory and very effective. To reduce their carbon footprint and support the local economic network, all 900.care products are made in France.

Let’s remind that the Cosmogen dispensing range consists of a selection of high-end, turnkey, customizable, Ecocert certified bottles, spray and airless bottles, and that it complies with food standards.

Cosmogen is delighted to support the 900.care philosophy of ‘promoting ecology’, in line with its own CSR values,” said the supplier of packaging solutions in a statement.