900 corresponds to the average number of seconds spent in the bathroom, i.e. 15 mn, and Care refers to the will to do oneself good without causing harm to the environment. Aymeric and Thomas, the two young co-founders of 900.care, started working in the bathroom, as they noticed the circle of consumption was far from virtuous.

Aymeric Grange & Thomas Arnaudo - 900.care

Aymeric Grange & Thomas Arnaudo - 900.care

We throw away our empty bottles to purchase exactly the same ones, only full. It is an absurd system, so we wanted to find a solution with containers to be kept for a long time, and which could be refilled with a formula without any compromise on the comfort and sensoriality of a standard product,” explains Aymeric Grange.

Both uncluttered and neutral, these containers do not sport any brand sign. “The logo is concealed and the product information is available on the cardboard packaging of the refill. When you buy a lamp, you don’t want it to display the logo. Same principle here,” adds the creator.

The choice of partly recycled plastic for these packs is in line with the brand’s commitment. “We made this choice of material for three reasons. For an object you will keep for a long time, plastic is a good solution, provided you do not create new packs too regularly. Thanks to recycling, you give the existing plastic a second life. It is also pretty energy-efficient as regards manufacturing, and it is lighter to transport than glass or aluminium. The CO2 impact is weaker.

The containers are designed by Romain Lemahieu and manufactured by VPI and Qualiform, two French recycled plastic specialists. They can be washed between two refills, and if they get damaged, the packaging is replaced by the brand: they have it recycled.

For “imperfect eco-warriors”

The 900.care concept is intended for consumers – and there are more and more of them – who prefer clean solutions, but do not want to change their expectations as regards product comfort. It is supposed to be both easy and convenient. “We do not mean to make people feel guilty; we prefer to encourage them. We aim to make zero waste accessible, i.e. to offer a beautiful customer experience and make it all easy. Our concept is intended for those we call ‘imperfect eco-warriors’”, explains Aymeric Grange.

The formulas developed and manufactured in France are based on 95% natural ingredients and the specifications are focused on sensoriality and efficacy.

The startup launched a 30-day fundraising campaign on Ulule to finance the first production. Contributors will receive their products in November, when the e-shop is launched. Shoppers will be able to purchase single products (€7.5 for a container, €5.5 for a refill) or take out a subscription.

By 2021, they aim to join a retail network and gradually broaden their range to all bathroom essentials.