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Cosmogen launches a series of innovative make-up applicators

On the occasion of the MakeUp in Paris trade show, which took place on the end of June at the Carrousel du Louvre, Cosmogen presented a series of innovative applicators for new make-up gestures.

Justine Rechenmann, product manager, brushes and accessories at (...)

Justine Rechenmann, product manager, brushes and accessories at Cosmogen

At MakeUp in Paris, the watchword for the Cosmogen teams was once again to offer ever more innovative and efficient solutions. The new Perfect Match, for instance, is a patented brush designed to receive and apply a liquid foundation formula. It consists in a tank made of silicone where to deposit the foundation, and of a tuft made of synthetic hair that facilitates a professional-like application.

I am very happy to have contributing designing this patent. Rhat was a challenge in the world of the make-up brushes. To succeed, I first analysed the market context and highlighted the heavy trend of liquid foundations, but with no adapted applicators. Thus, the idea was born behind Perfect Match! All this has been made possible thanks to the close collaboration with the technical team,” explains Justine Rechenmann, product manager, brushes and accessories at Cosmogen.

Cosmogen's Perfect Match patented brush

Cosmogen’s Perfect Match patented brush

New Squeeze’n applicators

At MakeUp in Paris, Cosmogen also showcased new additions to its iconic Squeeze’n range with three new applicators 2-in-1:

- Micro Squeeze’n Glow for lips,
- Micro Squeeze’n Style for eyebrows,
- and Micro Squeeze’n Spatula for face.

Their patented On/Off closure rotary system protects the formula and allows to dispense the right dose before smoothing, sculpting or stretching on the targeted area with the formula.

Like for all applicators in the Squeeze’n range, they are ergonomic and easy to clean, while preserving the formula of any contamination and oxidation. Their size makes them a nomadic cosmetic partner.

Precious Ridoki

For the face massage, which helps constrict blood vessels and drainage to avoid puffiness, specially under eyes, Cosmogen has designed three Precious Ridokis rollers from unique stones, with different colours and textures.

Kabuki Clean 2 in 1

The Kabuki Clean 2 in 1 is an innovative concept that has been designed to clean, exfoliate and refresh skin.

The bristles clean trapped oil and bacteria from pores. The pad exfoliates and removes dead skincells from the T-Zone. It can be used with a cleansing gel.

Half Moon Brush: a 3 in 1 brush

Eventually, with Half Moon Brush, Cosmogen offers one whole brush to apply face powder, while half parts are dedicated to contouring powder and highlighter.


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  • Cosmogen's new Squeeze'n applicator
  • Precious Ridokis rollers by Cosmogen
  • Kabuki Clean 2 in 1
  • Cosmogen's Half Moon Brush
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