The company, which specialises in beauty packaging solutions and applicators has adopted adopts the French legal status of Société à mission [1], which is defined as a company whose objectives in the social, societal, and environmental fields are aligned with this purpose and set out in its by-laws.

40 years after its creation, Cosmogen, thus formalizes its corporate purpose: to innovate responsibly for safe and sustainable beauty with respect for the people and the environment.

The company has also determined its three main goals:

- Environmental: Design, conceive and deliver responsible innovations for beauty brands by improving our environmental footprint, including eco-design, the use of recycled and recyclable materials and the optimization of our operations.
- Social: Build a team corporate project to enable the collective fulfillment of employees in a safe, caring and inclusive work environment
- Societal: Generate a positive impact on the society by involving the team and the company in solidarity actions.

"Cosmogen’s employees encouraged me to place CSR at the core of Cosmogen’s strategy and we thank our customers for having welcomed it. Our growth in 2022 (30%) demonstrates that a strategy aimed at a positive impact on the Planet and on Humans generates economic growth. This is how we envision the future and I wanted to formalize it by adopting the French legal status of ‘Société à mission’. Cosmogen also entered the United Nations Global Compact and joined a UN program that helps accelerating integration of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Our ambition is to become a valuable mid-cap, embodying strong societal and human values and promoting eco-responsible know-how in the world of cosmetics," said Priscille Allais, Chairman & CEO of Cosmogen.