For the 2-in-1 applicator that comes with their new Mandarine Verte Night Balm, Decléor was inspired by Cosmogen’s Twin Spatula. This drop-shaped applicator in Decléor’s institutional yellow colour allows to pick up the formula with the white PP spatula then to deposit and apply it with the wide flexible spatula made of soft touch silicon, in one single gentle and relaxing movement.

Cosmogen’s Twin Spatula offers the possibility of a large variety of beauty rituals, whatever the action and the targeted area of the face. Its shape was designed to perfectly redefines the face contours and adopts curves and hollows (tailormade shape also available). It reaches the delicate areas around the eye, nose, and mouth with softness and accuracy, while adapting to wider areas. The application is fresh, and the formula can be worked several times as part of sculpting or massaging treatments. Its small integrated reserve allows to store the formula when removing it. Ideal to spread thick formulas such as a mask.