The Finnish brand has chosen Cosmogen’s patented Tense tube for its new Invisible Illumination, Serum in Concealer hybrid eye-care and beautifying product.

The tube’s zamak applicator allows to combine a cold massage to the eye serum’s treatment formula that, according to Lumene, offers the coverage of a concealer while refreshing, hydrating and illuminating the eye contour.

The tube is made of recycled PE and the applicator is detachable to facilitate sorting and recycling at the end of its life.

Customizable tube and applicators

The Tense tube with zamak applicator is a staple in the Cosmogen catalogue. It is highly appreciated by brands for its aesthetics and the immediate perceived benefit for the consumer, thanks to the cold effect of its applicator and its easy and expert gesture.

In line with Cosmogen’s CSR roadmap, the design of this patented packaging has been completely redrawn so that the applicator could be removed and reused on a new tube. All components - cap, applicator, tube (also available in recycled plastic) - are recyclable at their end of life.

At the end of 2022, Cosmogen launched a collection of five textured zamak applicators for their Tense tube.

In addition to their standard offer, Cosmogen offers brands several customization options as well as the development of exclusive designs.