Cosmetikwatch, the professional competitive intelligence platform, which gives access to almost 11,000 cosmetic product data sheets, is partnering up with Voysen to offer its users a new solution in the advanced interpretation of online cosmetic product consumer reviews.

The two e-service companies’ common synergy, primarily founded upon saving time, increased reactivity as well as greater visibility, both strategically and technically, will be offered to the cosmetics industry’s marketing and R&D departments,” explains the company.

In addition to the Cosmetikwatch’s already existing offer, users can access a specific page devoted to consumer reviews on targeted finished products.

Real time access to condensed information from consumer reviews on a particular cosmetic product, is broken down into five information levels:

- Consumer profile description (age and gender);
- Overall consumer assessment;
- Score given by consumers to the product’s effectiveness (breakdown by age range available);
- Score given by consumers to the product’s quality (breakdown by age range available);
- Score given by consumers to the product’s texture (breakdown by age range available).

This enables the registered user to improve their general knowledge of the consumer, save time when analysing reviews and be more reactive when anticipating consumer needs and identifying consumer trends. The new offer also contributes to improving the product’s performance and to identifying priority actions for a better definition of the future strategy,” says Cosmetkwatch.