In line with its CSR commitments, Cosfibel is continuing to invest and innovate when it comes to sustainable materials, including cardboard, wood and new-generation plastic. In this context, its Grumbe factory in Spain - which specializes in plastic boxes and sheaths - is now working with 100% recycled materials and building its offer with cardboard boxes and ready assembled coffrets.

Recycled plastics

The Grumbe factory offers brands the option of working with PCR-PET containing 85% recycled packaging waste. The Spanish site also offers RPET with 70% of content sourced from its own production waste and 30% virgin resin, therefore optimising transparency.

As another alternative, Grumbe has successfully tested an organic PET made with 30% sugar cane, as well as cellulose acetate made with 80% wood pump and 20% virgin plastic. “These two options allow production that conforms with brands’ quality standards,” says Cosfibel.

Cardboard galore

The Grumbe factory, in line with the group’s global commitments, is adding folding cardboard boxes to its offer, for both small and large series. In order to do so, it has invested in a dedicated folding and gluing machine. Additionally, semi-automatic machines have been added to allow the factory to produce small series of rigid cardboard coffrets.

Wood: A sure value

Wooden coffrets are another growing market that Cosfibel is developing in China and Europe (Italy, France and Portugal). As such, Cosfibel designs and sources products ranging from ultra-premium marquetry and lacquered coffrets to mono-material cases made from pine or paulownia.