Comprehensive Cranium Care, a grooming and personal care brand with products for the sophisticated scalp, has selected the F2 foamer from Albéa for its C3 Head Wash range of scalp and skin cleansers.

Comprehensive Cranium Care is producing products where every ingredient is free of harsh, toxic chemicals, endocrine disruptors and things that harm the environment. All C3 formulas preserve the natural balance and micro-ecology of the skin.

That’s why the brand eliminates traditional surfactants - that strip away essential oils and leave your hair and scalp as squeaky clean as your dishes - and has chosen our F2 propellant-free foam pump for its innovative head wash.

Albéas’ F2 pumps dispense "a high-quality foam - easy to apply and rinse - ideal for the most sensitive skins and hair-free heads, and allow companies like C3 to design products free of chemical foaming agents that can harm the planet!"

F2 pump is part of Albéa Foam Lab : technique and expertise for foam differentiation. With 30 years of expertise in foam for beauty and personal care products, Albéa is the world leader in foam dispenser with more than 2 billion pumps sold each year. Thanks to its center of excellence based in Alkmaar, The Netherlands, and its power of innovation, Albéa offers brand owners a product range that adapts perfectly to market changes and new consumer demands for natural, gentle and propellant-free formulas.