What do Cosmet’in Lyon Skin Science Days represent for the cosmetics industry?

Dr Nico Forraz - This congress has been held every two years, since the association was founded in 1962. Its purpose is to highlight the latest scientific innovations and advances in skin biology. This is all the more important since skin biology is directly linked to dermatology and cosmetology. It is therefore a single opportunity to bring together all the players who contribute to innovative developments for skin care and well-being.

What are the latest discoveries and emerging trends in skin biology?

Dr Nico Forraz - These are precisely the subjects that will be discussed during the congress: the interaction between microbiota and human skin; environmental factors such as pollution, and their influence, in particular on the inflammatory status of the skin; advances in skin aging, linked to the lengthening life expectancy; the progress made in skin renewing, repairing and healing. We will also discuss new technologies, that are really making the bridge between clinical treatments and cosmetology, and tissue engineering also, which makes it possible to model cosmetic and aesthetic treatments. There is a lot to say!

Why did you choose to focus on the impact of clinical tests on the skin biology mechanisms?

Dr Nico Forraz - Traditionally, we start with discoveries made in the laboratory and then move on to clinical experiences. We wanted to address the subject from the opposite angle: by offering a review of the discoveries resulting from clinical tests and by demonstrating how they stimulate fundamental research and innovation in skin biology.

How were the speakers selected?

Dr Nico Forraz - The organizing committee, led by Nicolas Bechetoille [2] and Aurélie Pagnon- Minot [3], respectively Secretary and Treasurer of Cosmet’in Lyon, joined forces with academic researchers and industrial players, members of Cosmet’in Lyon. Together, they appointed session chairmen and proposed scientific, academic, clinical and industrial research key subjects, while providing a forum for young researchers.

How does this knowledge guide and support the development of new products by brands?

Dr Nico Forraz - Brands must both capture market trends and watch for scientific and technological innovations. It is the consideration of the whole that makes it possible to develop and validate the relevance and efficiency of future products.

What types of products are more specifically concerned?

Dr Nico Forraz - The cosmetic product becomes a preventive product, intended to maintain the balance of the skin, through a daily routine in particular. It aims mainly to fight against pollution, skin aging, to protect from the sun, to regenerate, to hydrate. These are the main demands that contribute to a healthy skin.

What does these findings offer to consumers?

Dr Nico Forraz - These discoveries offer consumers, innovation, efficiency, and security. Cosmet’in Lyon is very involved in these three aspects and wants to make this knowledge accessible to consumers. It is also preparing a mass market event that will take place in the Lyon area at the end of 2021, to explain how cosmetic products are developed. Then in early 2022, it will present the cosmetics industry, its structure and its business horizons to a high school audience. A booklet and a career forum relative to the beauty industry are in preparation. Education is at the heart of our mission, to bring together all stakeholders : academics, clinics, industry and consumers.