To present their latest make-up collection, Chromavis has chosen a new engaging communication tool: a face mapping that allows clients to discover and navigate the new collections through an original digital experience.

A new way of communicating make-up, a photo that allows to rotate the face 180°, to zoom it closer to a very high degree of detail, allowing you to perfectly see the product applied on the model’s face. A revolution of the classic standards of presentation,” said the Italian manufacturer in a statement.

Chromavis believes this breakthrough way to digitally present new products will help clients and creative teams to have proactive discussions new projects and innovation, while maintaining social distancing where required.

A-Head collections 2022

As far as the new -HEAD Collection is concerned, it features five ranges of colour cosmetics based on the 2022 trends idenditified by Chromavis:

- Quaint is pure sophistication. A contemporary and nostalgic collection that brings makeup addicts into a past era. Clean ingredients live together with quality, durability and effectiveness for a “reinvented” make up style made for consumers that desire to “slow down” and escape from virtual era. High colour impact, luminous and satin finishes.

- Moving onto the most revolutionary effect collection, Medusa portraits a universe for those who desire to experiment while having fun with cosmetics. Full of melting, jelly, watery, black undertones and multi reflective products, Medusa is pure creativity and experimentation.

- For those who desire a wellbeing experience, Beauty Refuge, represents a caring sanctuary and therapy collection, rich in active ingredients that perform as barriers for the skin and nails with delicate skin finishes.

- With lively and skin-enhancing formulas, Terra brings the power of sun and becomes radiance! Formulas beautifully warm up the skin with radiant, glow and warm tones and create a natural sun-kissed light. Multiuse and functional skin actives are the key!

- Eventually, Delicate Wilderness is the most vivid line. It offers clean, vegan and natural formulas that play with asymmetries and designs on both products and packaging. For consumer that love eye-popping looks and delicate hints of colour as a way of self-expression.

Each collection includes a collectable box featuring Chromavis’ patented powder technologies and visual effects.