Italy’s make-up manufacturer Chromavis now welcomes their customers in their brand-new Atelier, a "tailoring boutique" dedicated to make-up creation within the company’s headquarters in Offanengo, near Crema.


The Atelier allows Chromavis’ customers to create customised products in small quantities for fast testing purposes or quick market launches.

Through a unique and immersive experience, the customer can shape a single product or a full make-up line in one day, bringing it to market in three weeks… a revolutionary time to market for the industry, imagined and now offered by Chromavis,” claims the company in a statement.

This fast creation process is made possible as Atelier is supported Internally by a “small factory within the large factory” - a production unit created to work independently and dedicated to this exclusive project.

"Ready-to-go” formulas

Within the Atelier, brand owners can create their line by picking up within a vast assortment of "ready-to-go” formulas, including clean beauty and natural options. The formulas has been designed and selected by Chromavis to match with current and emerging trends.

The formulas are matched with an offer of packaging, to ensure the possibility of choice and customisation. Furthermore a graphic designer is also available to the customer for the creative study of the chosen packaging.

Chromavis’ Atelier has been created for digital brands, celebrities, indie brands, as well as global brands and retailer interested in benefitting from a "tailor made" service, with a very short time to market, for a new single product or a full line in small quantities, with a step by step support from a dedicated team.

While the Atelier experience has been designed to be enjoyed in person, due to the Covid-19 pandemic Chromavis has also developed the service for remote digital use.