The Italian manufacturer of cosmetic solutions has inaugurated a brand new factory in Offanengo, in the province of Cremona, in the North of Italy, just three kilometres away from the company headquarters.

Dubbed Argos, the new 5,000-square-meter facility will serve as a hub for the filling and assembly of makeup products. According to Chromavis Fareva, it is equipped with cutting-edge technology, and plans are underway to install new capabilities that will further elevate the company production capacity.

This investment (more than EUR 2 million for the acquisition of the building and part of the machinery) is intended to strengthen the integration and synergy between the company’s various operations. Chromavis says the proximity between the two sites will foster efficient collaboration and coordination, ensuring a seamless flow of innovation and ideas. In addition, the new site will contribute to the reduction of the environmental impact of the operations.

There are currently 15 staffs working at the Argos site and the number should gradually rise to 40 by the end of the year. Chromavis anticipates up to 150 people on site over the next two years.

"The Argos factory represents our dedication to pushing boundaries and delivering unmatched cosmetic solutions. It signifies our promise to provide cutting-edge capabilities and unequalled service to our clients worldwide," said Chromavis CEO, Thibaut Fraisse.

Previously, in 2019-2020, Chromavis Farevainvested 50 million euros in the construction of its new production site and head office in Offanengo, thus bringing together different units on a single 50,000 m2 facility.