Fabrizio Buscaini, CEO of Chromavis and Jean-Pierre Fraisse, Vice President of Fareva operations

It is true that the architectural project of this new plant, which will also be home to the head office of the Company, is surprising to say the least. First of all, with the colour chosen, black! Then through the concept itself of the first buildings that will house the offices and research laboratories, in the form of faceted cubes emerging from the ground, all of them very generously glazed to let light penetrate everywhere.

Integrated in the plant a mini workshop entirely dedicated to product industrialization, will enable to speed up processes and ensure maximum efficiency while maintaining flexibility.

Finally, the 50,000 m2 site itself settled on a plot of 100,000 m2, will be located in the middle of a lush nature made of gardens and terraces. These new premises will bring together on one site, on the edge of the small town of Offanengo near the city of Crema, all the current offices and factories located in Vaiano Cremasco, Chieve and Crespiatica.

"This is, undoubtedly, the biggest industrial investment in the history of the Fareva Group," explained Jean-Pierre Fraisse. "A project that will become a reality in the coming months and which obviously could not have been possible without the will and financial resources of the Fareva Group", insisted Fabrizio Buscaini.

Fareva and beauty, a constant strategy...

In just ten years, the Fareva Group (1.65 billion euros in sales, 12,000 employees, 39 plants) will have come a long way in this beauty segment.

In August 2013, the Group announced the acquisition of the Italian manufacturer Chromavis, and then finalized in July 2014 the integration within Chromavis of its Farevacolor division. "This integration is part of a coherent process in creating new products and new production systems that will benefit to the cosmetic industry by providing Chromavis (130 million euros in sales), with a new potential strength," the Group explained in a statement.

Chromavis thus became the dedicated make-up centre of the Fareva Group and could benefit from new production platforms, such as Cosmeva (France) and Fareva Richmond (VA, USA). At the same time, the Fareva Group also recovered the nail polish activity of Chromavis and its factory in Brazil.

Just a year ago, in July 2017, Walgreens Boots Alliance announced the sale of its cosmetics manufacturing wing to Fareva. Under the terms of the agreement, Fareva was taking ownership of BCM. Simultaneously, Walgreens Boots Alliance and Fareva made a agreement for a 10-year global partnership for the manufacture and supply of Walgreens Boots Alliance own beauty brands and private label products, including products for sale in the USA. BCM operates factories in Nottingham in the UK, Vitré in France and Frankfurt in Germany.

Chromavis today and... Tomorrow!

In 2017, the turnover of Chromavis reached EUR 150 million and the target for 2018 is of 185 million, for a total workforce of 880 employees. The Group owns five R&D centers and serves some 300 customers in 34 countries.

"Being part of the Fareva Group," insisted Fabrizio Buscaini, "guarantees a strong financial, industrial and strategic backup with industrial sites all over the world: United States, Brazil, Poland, Ukraine, France and Germany. Our goal is clearly to double our turnover in the medium term. We are the second manufacturer in the sector today in Italy; we want to be the first! To reach this goal we need vision, passion, determination and pride. Everything is moving very fast in the beauty sphere. We can develop new products in less than three months. We have become a real laboratory of ideas where we anticipate makeup products of tomorrow. This new site of Offanengo will be a genuine platform dedicated to innovation and creativity".