Italian colour cosmetics manufacturer Chromavis has identified a series of beauty concepts and trends – namely: futuristic, “out of space” reality, and super turbo colour-effects – and translated them into three Fall/Winter 2021/2022 collections of make-up and nail products dubbed: Enigma, Cosmic and Turbo.

Enigma brings a sophisticated and sensual universe where real and unreal atmospheres collide. Dually enigmatic products get translated into sensual accents of beauty dedicated to demanding make-up loving consumers. Dark tones live together with light shades, temperament collides with daintiness, lacquer and latex effects on eyes and lips strike with a porcelain complexion… A sophisticated and sensual make up and nail polish approach for seductively empowered beauty mood.

Oppositely, Cosmic brings an astral, moon inspired concept. Rich of vaporized, pearlescent and luminous textures, this collection brings a futuristic product approach for a lightweight and radiant make-up result. Products symbolize a caress for the skin and the nails for a sparkling and radiant experience. Natural effects, lightweight formulas… products are dedicated to consumers that live make up experience as a travel into delicacy and glowing effects.

With hitting power and strength, Turbo takes a 360 degree flip on the whole proposal: powerfully performant and extremely expressive, make up and nails becomes a key of “self-expressionism” and just like that, colors become metallic, bold and ultra-galactic; sparks mix together with mega matte shades. A product proposal focused on extremes, multiuse solutions and beauty combos for a reinvented and creative line oriented to young, expressionist and social active individuals

In addition, Chromavis promises the powders of the new collections also feature a range of special technologies and visual effects, while the lipsticks and nail products come with a cutting edge trendy packaging proposal.