for their Vinoperfect Brightening Eye Cream, Caudalie has chosen Cosmogen’s Tense tube in post-consumer recycled (PCR) polyethylene (PE) and its ceramic tip.

The refreshing action of the ceramic tip maximizes the results of the treatment on dark circles and reveals a brighter eye contour, for a rested look. In order to facilitate sorting and recycling at the end of the tube’s life, the tip can be removed easily.

An highly-customizable standard tube

The Cosmogen Tense Tube is a patented packaging, available in recycled plastic, with a removable ceramic or metal applicator, which can be reused on a refill. The metal applicator can be textured and personalized for a unique sensory signature.

In 2023, Cosmogen launched Squeeze’n Fresh removable, a new targeted tip. With its modern and original design, its removable stainless steel tip, replaceable on a refill and separable at the end of its life, its patented on/off closing system allowing distribution (on), application and cleaning (off), Squeeze ‘n Fresh removable is part of Cosmogen’s line of conduct : innovating responsibly for safe and sustainable beauty. The tube and cap are available in recycled plastic.