Inaugurating a new communication strategy, Bvlgari Fragrance wanted to create a new generation of gifts associated to the four references of its Omnia collection: a new kind of souvenirs for their most important clients. Carestia Arcade Beauty thus designed and manufactured for the brand a line of perfumed notebooks keeping in mind the importance of “an accurate and long-lasting olfactory reproduction.

Each of the notebooks has a printed cover on the front and is laminated on the back to preserve the fragrance. The printing was made using a four-colour process, which was adapted for each reference, that is to say 16 colour matches. Each notebook features a 300g cover page and 40 virgin blotter sheets of 120g. Shaping is realised by automatic glue binding.

For this project, the Carestia development team recommended, supported by trials, to perfume only the front page to minimize the required amount of fragrance. The fragrance impregnates the other pages by capillarity and permits a strong level of restitution. Lamination on the back cover contributes to the protection of the olfactory notes.