Presented in Paris in April, the ’Tomorrow Natural Glow’ collection will also be showcased in NYC in May and in LA in June 2019

Every year, Capsum gathers customers to introduce a newly inspired collection of textures and formulas and highlight the potential of their exclusive microfluidic technology, which consists in forming droplets one by one, by controlling their sizes and manipulating fluids to obtain innovative emulsions. “These proposals help us explore different ways to innovate and stimulate our customers’ curiosity. But they are not turnkey solutions. It is only afterwards that we work on tailor-made offers using our technologies, according to our customers’ specific requests,” explains Laurie Dewandel, Communication Director.

This year’s theme, Tomorrow Natural Glow, seemed only natural, given what all beauty brands expect: more naturalness and sustainability.

This new collection offers solutions combining naturalness, innovation, aesthetics, and sensoriality. It is an invitation to discuss beauty’s sustainable future. We made clear choices in terms of sustainability and we encourage brands to exchange with us about these issues,” adds Laurie Dewandel.

For their formulas to be both natural and ecoresponsible, Capsum partnered with Le Paysan Urbain, an urban farming structure which develops agro-ecological farms in city centres or close suburbs for cultures without inputs or buckwheat sprout pesticides. The extraction of actives with a non-polluting, ultrasound-based technology is outsourced to Crodarom.

The range is composed of an energizing essence, a comforting serum, a quenching jelly and a nourishing pearl cream, with rates of natural ingredients between 90% and 96%. In addition, Capsum has been working on new technologies to get rid of silicones and get as close as possible to 98% natural formulas.

Capsum is building up a brand-new production site in Austin, Texas

As regards packaging, the company has chosen not to use any plastic – except for the cap’s gasket seal – or glue. They selected secondary packaging made of folding board and pump-free bottles and jars based on lightweight glass. “It is the first time we have incorporated our bubbles in jars. It really transforms the cream’s appearance,” emphasizes Laurie Dewandel.

Capsum will showcase the Tomorrow Natural Glow collection in NYC on May 14-16, and then in Los Angeles, on June 4-6, 2019.

The company will use this opportunity to introduce American customers to its future production site in Austin, Texas. The LEED-certified ecodesigned building is under construction and should be operational in early 2020. “North America is an increasingly important market for Capsum. We had to be there, as close as possible to our customers. Plus, it is line with the global production relocation trend,” concludes Laurie Dewandel.