The four bottles: Tygar, Gyan, Rubinia and Desiria are assembled in the Le Gemme collection, created by BVLGARI in partnership with the famous airline company. The partnership serves the first-class passengers of the airline’s flights, offering them bespoke scents on the go during their travels. Each first-class kit contains a 30ml bottle from the collection.

BVLGARI’s high perfumery collection, Le Gemme, was designed as a stunning sensory journey from West to East in search of the rarest and most precious gems found in nature to enhance the brand’s jewellery savoir-faire.

For this achievement, BVLGARI has once again placed its trust in the Stoelzle Masnières Parfumerie team to create the classically styled 30ml glass bottles with curved sides and a satin black spray decoration. The brand, the name of the collection and its fragrance is then embellished in gold via a silk screen print process. Finally, the whole piece is crowned with a matte finish.