A colourless lacquering process and a filtering system introduced directly into the glass recipe: these are the two solutions contemplated by Bormioli Luigi, a leading manufacturer of high-end containers for the perfumery market, to give bottles and containers UV protection without affecting appearance.

Both technologies are a response to the need to tackle the problem of the instability of perfumes and creams when exposed to light. These problems are increasingly frequent as a result of the growing presence on the market of products formulated with natural substances, which generally causes a change in colour (yellowing) or smell.

The colourless, anti-UV lacquer, which contains pigments able to filter the light, is an initial “ready-to-go” solution developed to tackle these problems: the process has already been adopted by Bormioli Luigi, for secondary processing, in the production of several bottles. The advantage of the bottles treated with the colourless lacquer is that the glass remains transparent, unlike in the case of more banal solutions such as the use of full-body coloured glass or opaque coloured lacquers.

The project for an anti-UV filtering system incorporated into the glass recipe currently being developed by the glass manufacturer goes a step further, creating a barrier effect in the material without adding any further layers, with advantages in terms of appearance, and in particular colour. This result can be obtained thanks to the addition of inorganic components to the standard oxides of the glass; the effect will have to be studied on the specific products, because the dosage required will need to be gauged according to the thickness of the glass.

To test the efficacy of the new process, Bormioli Luigi has developed a system for the validation of the filter based on the Sun Test, an accelerated simulation of exposure to sunlight that reproduces the power of the midday sun, replicating in 24-48 hours what would occur in nature over about three years: this test is able to provide feedback on the filtering capacity of the glass in just two days.

The presence of this innovative UV filter is also compatible with items that require the use of PCR; there are no limits to decoration and it can be recycled without specific conditions.

For further information: info@bormioliluigi.it