The new configuration of the Spanish site of Bormioli Luigi is taking shape more and more finely. Located in Azuqueca, 40km from Madrid, it had been used for the group’s tableware activity since its acquisition in 2017. In 2021, the group had initiated the installation of a first IS machine on the site with the aim of serving the masstige segment of beauty. The first of the lines has been running since 2022 and two more will be brought online during the first half of 2023 and the fourth at the beginning of 2024, ultimately representing total capacity of 90 million units per year, allowing the group to increase its total production capacity by a third.

New production capacities

This strategic operation is part of a larger investment plan that was put in place starting in 2019. It will bring the group’s total number of production lines to 18, spread over three sites.

By increasing its production capacity, Bormioli Luigi’s initial aim was to address the demand for glass primary packaging in the skincare and make-up categories. The market context has decided otherwise; the growth of fragrance has outpaced that of cosmetics products in recent years.

Today, Bormioli’s new Spanish capabilities, allows the group to serve the demand for increased volumes from its customers in the perfume category. Eventually, a decoration workshop will be added to the four IS machines. “For the future, the Spanish unit will serve to balance demand on the fragrance market,” said the glassmaker in a statement.

Reduction of GHG emissions

As the 2019-2023 investment program of 200 million euros is coming to an end, a second program will succeed it for the 2024-2028 period. According to Bormioli Luigi, it will allow for structural growth, the management of equipment and product flows and strong, sustainable innovation.

“We must continue to support brands with an adapted service in line with demand, build growth as partners, optimize products and engage in ever more sustainable innovation,” explains Simone Baratta, director of the Perfume & Prestige Business Unit.

In particular, these future investments will focus on reducing the group’s environmental footprint. Indeed, Bormioli Luigi’s ambition remains to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions by 50% between now and 2030. A pioneer in terms of electric fusion, which already represents 65% of its total production, the group is working towards the electrification of its processes and the hybridization of certain gas furnaces. In addition to this, it is adding energy from renewable sources.

The group claims these structural modifications will also allow to face up to the volatility of energy management in real time. In addition, Bormioli Luigi is implicated in major projects in collaboration with its peers, notably around the use of alternative technologies like hydrogen.