Continuing the exploration of glass packaging solutions in the makeup category, Bormioli Luigi has partnered with sustainable packaging specialist Minelli Group, on a project for a premium and sustainable lipstick made from glass and wood, dubbed Tango.

The lipstick is built from an FSC-certified wooden base with a glass cap. A full-service solution, it can be entirely personalized through the choice of essence (beech, ash, maple…) and finishing (natural varnish, stain, metallization, standard and bespoke colors…). For functional reasons, the central ring is made from bio-plastic, featuring a removable click mechanism.

For this innovation, Minelli’s mPackting division and Bormioli Luigi worked using a circular approach. Tango is most of all designed as a bespoke product thanks to its strong identity and its refillable function. It is also assembled without glue so that all of its parts can be separated for recycling.

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