Bormioli Luigi group is expanding beyond the fragrance world, benefiting from its historic expertise to create innovative - and preferably sustainable - solutions for makeup and skincare.

Bormioli Luigi is using its savoir-faire in the tableware industry, notably as concerns highly technical pressed-blown glass, to bring back glass packaging in makeup.

In addition to a new generation of jars for skincare, the Italian glassmaker is innovating with semi-standard designs for lipstick, lipgloss and mascara. Thanks to partnerships with plastic injection specialists like Italian company Pibiplast, the group is presenting a full-pack offer, with complementary components that aim for the best makeup results. This skincare and makeup offer benefits from Bormioli Luigi’s capabilities in personalizing glass shapes and decoration, including the application of specific décors or anti-UV protection.

A refillable case for lipstick

As far as lipsticks are concerned, the glass tube was designed to be both beautiful and refillable. It offers a choice of systems to hold in place the mechanism, made from plastic or metal. This allows the consumer to renew the inner insert containing the bulk when finished, or to change shades at will, keeping the outer pack.

Lipgloss, mascara and so much more

Bormioli Luigi is innovating by combining expertise between glass and plastic. This makes perfect sense when it comes to the association of cap and wand, applicator and wiper and through closure systems that guarantee the pack remains airtight. The lipgloss model is also suitable for different types of makeup and skincare products (concealers, highlighters, eyebrow treatments and eye products, for example).

Skin care, an indispensable part of beauty routine

Optimum protection of the formula, esthetics, personalization and an extended life cycle for the packaging…glass is a perfect fit with the new-generation values of skincare. In line with this, Bormioli Luigi is developing an evolutive offer in which plastic plays a modular part and has an essential role in holding the parts together or sealing the pack.

Meet le rechargeable, the star of the season

Named Le Rechargeable, this design has a removable insert that the consumer can buy separately in store and replace with a simple gesture. This patented concept has a specific design. A plastic ring guarantees its safety and holds it in place. This sustainable packaging solution is suitable for high-end developments designed to last.