In order to offer an all-new design with a refillable bottle to Sì Eau de Parfum Intense, the House of Armani teamed up with Bormioli Luigi and Verescence.

For this launch Bormioli Luigi took charge of the 50 and 100 ml sizes while the 10 and 30 ml sizes were entrusted to Verescence. Designed to last, the new bottles, whose relief decoration takes on the appearance of a precious piece of jewelry, include a part of recycled glass and are equipped with a screw neck so they can be refilled.

On the glass surface, the logo’s two interlaced letters are revealed by a décor pad-printed in gold created using precious metal. “While the surface of the glass displays the shine typical of Armani fragrances, the relief motif required specific attention during the fire-polishing stage,” said Bormioli Luigi in a statement.

The “Giorgio Armani” name, placed perfectly centrally on the front of the bottle, is screen-printed in black, a delicate process given its proximity with the relief décor.