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Bold and glowing filtered looks top makeup trends in the US

Diversity, vibrant and bold looks and the search for a perfect glowing complexion top today’s American women interests in makeup, revealed market research firm Mintel [1].

While the natural look is a go-to for the majority of women across the US, as current social media trends are influencing women to try their hand at bold makeup looks. According to Mintel, a strong percentage of women who use color cosmetics have tried or are interested in trying more adventurous makeup looks, including a smokey eye (69%), bold lip (55%), winged eyeliner (48%) and strobing (45%).

Social media influencers

With more than two in five (44%) US women aged 18-34 visiting four or more social media sites every day, the way consumers learn about and master new makeup trends has changed.

In fact, a trendy one in five (22%) female color cosmetics users agree that social media helps them learn about beauty trends, increasing to nearly half (47%) of those aged 18-24,” said Mintel.

What’s more, nearly one quarter (24%) of female color cosmetics users say they watch online video tutorials on YouTube to learn about makeup looks, including the majority (53%) of women aged 18-24.

Social media influencers and video tutorials are inspiring American women to go for two contradictory makeup looks. While the natural look continues to reign supreme, many women are interested in trying out bold and adventurous makeup looks, such as winged eyeliner and strobing, as a result of what they’re seeing online,” said Alison Gaither, Beauty and Personal Care Analyst at Mintel.

In this context, brands that will develop accessory tools to simplify makeup application will help women to achieve the coveted looks. “For example, recent eyeliner launches have included tools that claim to make eyeliner application faster and less intimidating and we predict that going forward, other color cosmetics segments will follow suit,” added Gaither.

Achieving that glowing, filtered look

With HD cameras showing every possible flaw, the obsession with poreless, lineless, glowing skin is leading some consumers to seek out products that imitate the filters they see and use on social media. Young women in particular are driving usage of products that are essential to the ‘flawless face’ makeup look, including highlighter / illuminator (51% women aged 18-24 vs 23% women overall), which adds a healthy glow to skin, and primer (49% vs 25% overall), which creates a smooth surface for makeup.

According to Mintel Global New Products Database (GNPD), new launches of face makeup in the US with the word ‘glow’ in the product name grew 115% from 2013-17.

We predict that highlighters, illuminators and any product that promotes radiance will continue to grow in popularity. There are opportunities to develop color cosmetics products that incorporate skincare ingredients into formulations to give the wearer a long-lasting, glowing complexion and mimic the desired effects of glowing, poreless filters beloved by consumers,” continued Gaither.

Women of color still struggle to find inclusive shades

While brands are making a conscious effort to introduce more inclusive products, many women of color are still struggling to find their shade. In fact, although 79% of Black women who use facial makeup say that finding a face makeup product that matches their skin tone is an important purchase influencer, nearly three in 10 (29%) struggle to find a shade that matches their skin tone.

As consumers continue to demand products that promote inclusivity, brands that offer expanded shade ranges and colors are finding more success among women of color. This has ultimately helped brands see their efforts equate to sales success as they encourage product trial among consumers who are typically less likely to use face makeup products due to a lack of inclusivity. Brands that promote a message of inclusivity illustrate how the industry is beginning to recognize and develop new products and shades specifically formulated for multicultural consumers,” concluded Gaither.



[1] Color Cosmetics - US, July 2018, Mintel

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