Quentin Reygrobellet

Quentin Reygrobellet

Premium Beauty News - You separated from the Birchbox group a few months ago. What does this name change hide?

Quentin Reygrobellet - We have had a rather unique business model for ten years, and it changed consumption in France as regards the digital and beauty worlds. With this name, it was important for us to step up and show the market and our consumers we were not just a box, but much more: a real ecosystem which helps all women find their own corresponding beauty in a very simple way. We want to show we are a leader in digital cosmetics.

The idea was to choose a name with an international, easily understandable connotation, as “Bliss” is English and “issime” marks an absolute superlative in French. The letter B is a nod to Birchbox, it evokes femininity, and the double “i” in “Blissim” makes us smile when pronouncing it, just like women when they receive their products.

Premium Beauty News - What are Blissim’s objectives?

Quentin Reygrobellet - The online beauty market grows at an annual rate of 15% to 20%, and the crisis has made it boom even more. Offline sales are increasingly being transferred online. Since the beginning, in 2011, we have endeavoured to build a bridge between the physical and digital networks. Thanks to our box, we recreate the discovery experience with products available in stores, but which women receive directly at home along with customization and advice. This initial strategy is even more meaningful now, and that is also why we are one of the players that have grown the most on the digital segment. We aim to go even farther. We achieve almost a 50-million-euro turnover with an annual growth rate of 25% compared to the previous year. In three to four years, the digital beauty market will weigh three or four billion euros, so there are many growth opportunities to seize. We believe there is still a lot to do. We aim to keep growing fast, while maintaining a two-digit profitability. It is crucial to show our model is really virtuous, whether it be for brands and subscribers, or for us.

Premium Beauty News - Is it also an opportunity for brands?

Quentin Reygrobellet - We are the only ones to offer such a broad range including 300 brands and selective, niche, parapharmacy products, and of course, natural products, which account for 40% of our turnover. There is no such complete offering in offline channels. We are trying to cover all women’s needs with an affordable, but also premium offering. As a matter of fact, the Splendist box is really doing well: we will soon launch the fourth edition – the winter one. All these innovations have made us a beauty reflex for women. Brands have understood that, so we are getting increasingly popular. Today, the selection of products to be featured in the box is made 10 months ahead: we have countless requests. It used to be one of many channels for brands to grow, and it has become fundamental.

Premium Beauty News - Are you considering a global expansion?

Quentin Reygrobellet - Definitely. We aim to seize these growth opportunities in France, but also in Europe. Next January, we will launch Blissim in Germany, then in Italy and other European countries, with websites adapted to each country, in their own language, and with the possibility to live the same experiences.

Premium Beauty News - How will you promote this new identity?

Quentin Reygrobellet - We are lucky enough to be in direct contact with our consumers: through the box, the website, and our CRM. It will be gradual, over the next ten months, but next box in October will obviously bear the name Blissim. We have planned a social media campaign and we have been investing in traditional media with a TV campaign from mid-October to mid-November, as well as in advertizing displays.