After having regained its independence last January, Birchbox France has unveiled their new name: Blissim.

A contraction of the English word “bliss” and of French sublimissime, the new names evokes the joy of the unboxing experience and seeks to include all women in a light, gentle and smiling vision of beauty. It also keeps the initial B of the American name.

The retailer is now ready to kick off its international development, which will start in Europe. "Our goal is to continue to build our unique ecosystem with a strategy that goes well beyond the box", Quentin Reygrobellet, general manager of Birchbox France told Premium Beauty News in January.

Profitable since 2015, the pure player has benefited from the e-commerce boom during confinement. “Our traffic has more than doubled, and so has the conversion rate. Our average basket has increased by 40%”, said Quentin Reygrobellet in May. These dynamics were driven by the arrival of 40% new digital consumers who used to shop offline. Meanwhile, the retailer benefited from the additional interest of new brands previously not referenced on the box and the online store.

To date, Blissim claims 230,000 subscribers and 2 million visits per month on their website.