The Shape Paper Pods offer an alternative designed for single doses and samples, which are usually based on aluminium and polyethylene complexes

The Swedish company has reorganized around three distinct Divisions: Board for compact, corrugated board and liquids, Paper for the paper business (bags, special paper, formable items), and Solutions for the development of alternatives to plastic, as part of an ecoresponsible commitment. This restructuring was implemented alongside an investment of over 700 million euros in a new production tool better adapted to the market’s new constraints: it was operational last June and should produce 500,000 tonnes per year.

Crownboard: more quality and ecointelligence

A key driver of brands’ identities today, luxury packaging requires using materials offering both high quality and an eco-intelligent profile. And in terms of ecology, wood fibre is a real challenge to plastic in many ways, since it provides increasingly more sophisticated packaging solutions.

With Crownboard, their new brand, Billerudkorsnäs meets this expectation: their three-product range based on virgin wood fibre offers enhanced performance and lower grammage. Crownboard Prestige, Crownboard Artisan, and Crownboard Craft can now highlight better surface conditions, more whiteness and strength, and a reduced weight to save resources and lower both the environmental impact and costs.

Towards a broader alternative offering

Already behind Fiberform, a base material made of wood fibres with stretching, elasticity, and solidity characteristics similar to plastic, Billerudkorsnäs now goes farther in terms of alternative packaging solutions. “Thanks to Fiberform, on the premises of a packaging manufacturer, we can use paper that is loosened and stretched on a machine that also uses plastic to obtain a particular, lasting shape,” explains Christophe Delrive, Brand Owner Coordinator, Division Solutions.

Various products will be showcased at the Luxe Pack show, including the Paper Bottle made of moulded fibres, exclusive packaging solutions with powerful embossing, resulting from a partnership with Kapag, FibreformCap, an opportunity to put forward paper caps, as well as the Shape Paper Pods innovation, an alternative designed for single doses and samples, which are usually based on aluminium and polyethylene complexes.

The grand PIDA finale in Monaco

Lastly, for the first time since the Packaging Impact Design Awards (PIDA) were first organized, 15 years ago, by the Swedish manufacturer, the grand finale will be held at the Luxe Pack Monaco show. The event will reward the winner among four finalist projects set up by packaging design schools in Sweden, the UK, Germany, and France, based on the theme Bring The Future. Save the date! The winner chosen by a jury of professionals, designers, journalists, printers, brands, and others will be announced on September 30, at 3pm, at the Billerudkorsnäs stand.