According to David Bondi, Beyond Beauty Paris is a not to miss event in Europe. With nearly 600 exhibitors this year, “it is the only European event of international scope to bring together the entire cosmetics manufacturing sector”.

The Creative exhibition, in particular, is the occasion to “maintain your relationships with your usual suppliers and stand out from your competitors with a new offer!” Over 230 international beauty suppliers - packaging, Private Label, packing, promotional articles, machines, suppliers of ingredients and raw materials, design & style - are expected this year.

In the heart of Beyond Beauty Paris, Creative owes its lasting presence to its ability to bring together both international leaders and small companies with targeted know-how. Business complexes and associations such as Cosmetic Valley or Cosmed are present and actively represented. Creative updates and hones its offer every year, attracting a wide international audience of decision makers from every sector of the cosmetics industry since 2004.

This year again, Beyond Beauty Paris talks series offer to visitors an exclusive opportunity to get in on the profession’s questionings on the major issues of the moment.

The rundown, perspectives, analysis of consumer behaviour, and solutions for the future, covering everything from the supplier phase to the launch phase… subjects taking on special resonance in this period of uncertainty that is spurring us to think even further ahead and that, even more, requires expertise,” explains David Bondi. “Because BBP is fully aware of the difficult economic outlook, access to these talks will be free this year on a space-available basis. All are invited, on condition you preregister on our site. A 100-seat room will welcome the speakers, moderators and participants on the same site as the trade show.

David Bondi, President of ITEC France

David Bondi, President of ITEC France

This year, Premium Beauty News is partnering to the organisation of several talks on the program:

- The Packaging Convention (Monday 14 September, 9.30am – 12.30pm)

A morning full of thought, providing an overview of key subjects (sustainable development, the financial crisis and its consequences, regulations and innovations). Moderated by Jean-Yves Bourgeois (Premium Beauty News). With the participation of Jean Pierre Goujard, packaging engineer; Pierre Dinand, designer; Joel Desgrippes, chief creative officer of Brand Image Desgrippes & Laga; Philippe de Brugière, Occitane head of packaging development; Stéphanie Duchaxel, assistant marketing director of Sothys; Françoise Gerardi d’Elipso; Eric Firmin, CEO of HCPFrance; Vincent Cazelles, head of packaging development of Laboratoires Pierre Fabre; and Philippe Lenglart, CEO of Quadpack France.

- Full Service: creativity and brand image. (Monday 14 September, 2pm - 3:30pm)

Moderated by Jean-Yves Bourgeois (Premium Beauty News), with Michel Gutsatz of The Scriptorium Company; Nathalie Bringant, CEO of Maesa Packaging Europe; and Bruno Partrat of Vega Industries.

- Fragrance, naturally (Tuesday 15 September, 9.30am - 11am)

Moderated by Nicolas de Barry, perfumer-composer, and secretary general of the Prix International du Parfum, with Georges Ferrando, CEO of Albert Vieille (in Grasse, France), specialized in natural raw materials; Stéphane Piquart, president of Behave, a company specialized in selecting distinctive natural raw materials; Marie Le Guern, in charge of fragrance creation at L’Artisan Parfumeur; and Xavier Renard, vice president, Fine Fragrance, IFF.

- For decidedly positive beauty (Monday14 September, 4:45pm to 5:30pm)

By Marie-Caroline Selle and Nathalie Dessirier, of CapBeauty, market scanning agency. In spite of the financial crisis and pervading sluggishness, we mustn’t forget that cosmetics products have to keep dreams alive and convey pleasure and well-being. They can be playful, experimental and provide new applications and imaginative worlds. And they can provide a solution to the sluggishness. It is up to brands to assert their values, qualities and positive thinking.

- Will beauty be 100% medical in the future? (Thursday 15 September, 11:30am to 12:15pm)

Cosmetic medicine is increasingly becoming minimally invasive, topical remedies are becoming the anti-wrinkle elixirs of youth, lashes are regaining their volume with medication and vitamins are being injected beneath the skin. We have entered a world where our beauty rituals are becoming more and more medical. Will the rejuvenation of the skin and anti-age beauty become matters of prescription? Emmanuelle Bassmann, an expert of anti-age medicine, nutrition, beauty and food for the United States and England will open up the world of doctor’s offices in New York and London, helping us to decipher future trends of the medical beauty sector.

- Will the beauty industry come out of the crisis unscathed? (Thursday 15 September, 4pm to 5pm)

With the current turmoil, purchasing behavior is changing, evolving… HighCo DOCS has asked IFOP (the French Institute of Public Opinion) to carry out a study on consumers during the crisis and above all, with a forecast concerning the aftermath of the crisis. A special focus on the cosmetics sector will be presented by Florence Soyer, head of the IFOP consumer division, and Céline Dargent, CEO of HighCo DOCS.

- Alternative brands: instructions for use (Wednesday16 September, 9.30am - 11am)

Building an alternative brand from the concept to product development. With Annie Villaz (AMV Conseil); from the concept to sales development with Valérie Vanier, CEO and founder of Mission Beauté; and from the concept to the communications strategy and RP, with Barbara Paoli, director of the BBP agency. François de Grossouvre, founder of Aepure, a new distribution concept of alternative brands, will share her experience throughout the talk.