The goat milk-based skincare company has launched My Skin Biome, a facial scanning tool that assesses the skin and educates around microbiome health.

The AI-powered tool was developed in partnership with AI and AR tech solutions provider Perfect Corp. My Skin Biome assesses skin attributes and then offers a custom skincare routine based on skin’s redness, wrinkles, dark spots, hydration, and texture scores, while teaching users all about the microbiome and why it is important to overall skin health.

"Our My Skin Biome tool customizes a shoppable skincare routine in 30 seconds based on their overall biome score while our expert Goatie teaches tips and tricks on how to obtain and maintain a healthy microbiome," said Jill Scalamandre, CEO of Beekman 1802.

The skin’s microbiome is a community of good and bad bacteria that live on the epidermis, that when unbalanced by the external environment - air pollutants, sunlight, harsh cosmetic chemicals, over exfoliation, hormones, stress, etc. - can lead to skin issues like inflammation, acne, wrinkles, rosacea, eczema, dark spots and other problems. The microbiome is quite complex, so with the help of the brand’s mascot Goatie, the tool will provide Beekman 1802’s customers with a basic understanding of how healthy skin is linked to a healthy microbiome. After assessing the skin, Goatie will also recommend a personalized skincare regimen based on skin’s needs and curate a list of the brand’s clinically proven goat milk formulas that will best feed and balance their microbiome.