M·A·C Cosmetics has partnered with artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) solutions provider Perfect Corp., and online product sampling platform, SoPost, to offer a personalized product sampling experience.

This product sampling journey integrates a hyper-realistic AR virtual try-on and personalized AI shade matching, powered by Perfect Corp., combined with the convenience of physical product sampling delivered to the consumer’s door. “This tailored full circle consumer experience bridges the gap between digital and physical worlds, allowing consumers and brands to make more confident sampling and purchase decisions,” claimed Perfect Corp. in a statement.

Testing and receiving a personalized shade

This personalized product matching sample experience will be accessed through a call to action that sits across multiple activation points across the consumer journey including social platforms (Facebook and Instagram), and retailer and brand websites.

For example, opt-in customers for M·A·C Cosmetics will receive a special email with a unique singe use link to “Claim a Studio Fix Fluid Foundation Sample”. Once clicked, this link will open to a special landing page that hosts the product-matching virtual try-on experience. Here, customers will receive an automatic shade-match from 67 inclusive shades that is the best fit for them with the option to claim the sample product that was suggested. Customers will then be prompted to fill in their personal shipping information and a sample of the exact shade they are matched with will be delivered to their home.

SoPost will then follow up with customers on M·A·C Cosmetics’ behalf for a review of their product sampling experience to gain valuable customer insights and drive customers to specific points of purchase online.

First launched in the UK

This virtual shade-match sampling experience will first launch in the United Kingdom for the best-selling M·A·C Cosmetics Studio Fix Fluid Foundation, with 80,000 foundation samples available.