California-based clean beauty brand Beautycounter has announced its foray into the fragrance category with the launch of Clean Eau De Parfum, a collection of five new scents: Miles Away, Sun Spill, Hyper Rose, Second Skin, and Pacific Dreams. The collection is available for purchase through, in Beautycounter brick and mortar stores, and through their community of independent “Advocates”.

With this five-unit line, the brand intends to fill a blank space in the clean beauty market. As with the brand’s other products, the ingredients used in the new formulas have been thoroughly vetted. Beautycounter explains that each ingredient was reviewed across 23 health and environmental endpoints. Created by Robertet Group’s perfumer Clément Marx, all five scents are EWG Verified, Leaping Bunny certified, and tested to be safe for sensitive skin. Furthermore, Beautycounter has chosen to disclose the full list of ingredients substances making up its fragrances.

With the launch of the Clean Eau De Parfum collection, Beautycounter is focused on closing what they call the "fragrance loophole", a legal provision that allows companies not to disclose the ingredients used to make a scent and instead to label their products with generic terms such as "fragrance" or "parfum."

“The current industry practice prevents consumers from being informed about what they’re putting on their bodies,” said Beautycounter in a statement.

A similar move was already made five years ago by Hollywood actress Michelle Pfeiffer with the launch of her Henry Rose fragrance brand.

Looking ahead, the brand plans to mobilize its community and travel to Washington D.C. in May of this year, to lobby Congress to close the “fragrance loophole” and support the larger Safer Beauty Bill package introduced by Rep. Jan Schakowsky (IL), a suite of four bills that address issues Beautycounter has been vocal about: the need for more supply chain transparency, banning the most harmful ingredients—like PFAS— and explicit protections for overexposed communities including women of color.