BASF’s newly launched Peptovitae range includes four patented peptides developed in Asia through an exclusive relationship with Caregen, a Korean-based company specializing in biomimetic peptide research and development.

According to BASF Care Creations, the Peptovitae series represents a new generation of scientifically developed biomimetic peptides, addressing a wider range of skin concerns than are traditionally associated with the use of peptides.

Broad range of skin care benefits

Each of the four new peptides is associated with specific personal care skin benefits:

- Peptovitae Matrix addresses the signs of aging;
- Peptovitae Bright enhances the brightness of skin;
- Peptovitae Derma soothes skins that are prone to dryness and itching;
- Peptovitae Clear calms and moisturizes the skin.

The double-layered, liposome-based encapsulation system used in the Peptovitae series allows finished products to deliver the benefit of these biomimetic peptides to skin appearance.

BASF has adapted these peptides to ensure they meet cosmetic industry standards, thereby making these products available to our customers and consumers,” said Viju Jose, Vice President, Personal Care Solutions, Care Chemicals, BASF Asia Pacific.

According to BASF, consumers - both in Asia and in Western countries - are increasingly looking for safe and effective skin care-regime-based solutions with high efficacy as an alternative to procedure-based treatments to address their personal skin needs. In this context, the company thinks these new peptides will enable skincare brands to develop innovative products with enhanced benefits.

The strong growth of dermocosmetics in China and the doubling of the share of dermocosmetics in the global beauty market over the last 15 years are evidence of the robust growth in products containing peptides and the shift by consumers towards biomimetic skin care regimes,” added Eunice Jeong, Head of Regional Market Development, Personal Care Solutions, Care Chemicals, BASF Asia Pacific.